JG53 Friedrich Profiles

BF 109 F4, 10./JG 53, White 3, Uffz. Dr. Felix Sauer, San Pietro Italy March 1942 Shot down 16 May, 1942 by Spitfires off Pozzallo Malta in his Bf 109F-4 Werk # 7287 "White 6" and rescued by an Italian torpedo boat after bailing safely. He lost "White 3" when he belly-landed on 27 March, 1942 in water just off shore at Pozzallo, on the Sicilian coast due to engine failure (Prien). The AC was written off due to salt water corrosion. He also flew the Bf 109F-4/B in the Jabo Staffel. One known victory, his 1st, a Blenheim at Map Quadrant 33-1 on 28 August, 1941. Battle of Britain pilot in 3/JG-53. Deceased 4 July, 1999. - See more at: http://www.aircrewremembered.com/KrackerDatabase/?q=Sauer#sthash.boZcrdBy.dpuf
BF 109 F4, 10./JG 53, White 2, Ofw. Günter Fronhofer, San Pietro Italy March 1942
BF 109 F4, 10./JG 53, White 1, unknown pilot, Gela Italy April 1942
BF 109 F4, Stab I./JG 53, Hptm. Kaminski, San Pietro Italy January 1942
BF 109 F2, Stab III./JG 53, Hptm. Wolf Dietrich Wilcke, Berck sul Mer France April 1941
BF 109 F2, Stab III./JG 53 "R", unknown pilot, Berck sur Mer France April 1941
BF 109 F2, 8./JG 53, Lt. Herbert Schramm, Black 3, Konotop Russia September 1941
BF 109 F4, Stab III./JG 53, Olt. Jürgen Harder, Martuba Lybia March 1942
BF 109 F2, 6./JG 53, Olt. Otto Böhner, Yellow 10, St. Omer Arques France March 1941
BF 109 F2, 1./JG 53, White 8, unknown pilot, Miropol Russia July 1941
BF 109 F4, Stab II./JG 53, Hptm. Gerhard Michalski, Comiso Italy July 1942
BF 109 F4, 7./JG 53, Olt. Heinz Altendorf, White 1, Quotaifiya Lybia July 1942
BF 109 F4, 5./JG 53, Olt. Kurt Brändle, Black 1, Comiso Italy February 1942
BF 109 F2 Stab II./JG 53 Hptm. Heinz "Pietsch" Bretnütz, Cap de Palais France June 1941
BF 109 F2,Yellow 1 Uffz. Ludwig Deeg, 6./JG53, St. Omer Arques France spring 1941
BF 109 F2,Yellow 6 unknown pilot, 6./JG53, St. Omer Arques France April 1941
BF 109 F4, White 4 Fw. Heinz Koch,4./JG 53, Gela Sicily 27th April 1942
BF 109 F2, Chevron + 2,unknown pilot, Stab II./JG 53, St. Omer- Arques spring 1941
BF 109 F4, White 1 Olt. Gerhard Michalski,4./JG 53, Gela Sicily February 1942
British POW 10 April, 1942; returning pilots reported he was erroneously shot down with wounds at Lucqa in "Yellow 1 + -" by Lt. Werner Schöw of 1/JG-53. Another source claims he may have been the victim of Canadian Ace, Sgt Garth Horricks of RAF No.185 Sq.. Battle of Britain pilot; served in Soviet Union, and in the Med.. Flew Bf 109F-2 Wk# 6702 in Russia. 452 missions, 21 of his victories in Russia. One known victory, his 1st, a Hurricane southeast of Diedenhofen, 2 March, 1940. His 2nd, a Morane at Sedan, 14 May, 1940. His 3rd, a Hawk-75A west of Laon, 18 May, 1940. His 4th, a Caudron S of Creil on 27 May, 1940. His 5th, a Hawk-75A west of Creil, 3 June, 1940. His 6th, a Hurricane at Poix on 5 June, 1940. His 7th, a Hawk-75 at Rethel-Attigny on 9 June, 1940. His 8th, a Bloch 151 at Reims-Epernay on 11 June, 1940. His 9th, a Blenheim 20 km NE of Etaples on 15 September, 1940. His 10th, a Spitfire at Ashford on 18 September, 1940. His first known Soviet victory, a DJ-6 SW of Rabrarija on 22 June, 1941. By the time he was sent to N. Africa (12/41), he already had 37 victories, the first, a Hurricane on 12 December, 1941. Survived the war. Deceased 17 January, 2006.

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