JG 1 Gustav Profiles

BF 109 G6 9./JG 1”Oesau” Yellow 4 - unknown pilot Beauvais-Tille - France June 1944
BF 109 G6 AS 8./JG1 “Oesau” Black 17 - Uffz. Hugo Hausotter, La Fere Normandy France July 1944
BF 109 G5, II./JG 1, Red 7, unknown pilot, Jever Germany April 1943
BF 109 G6, White 1, 7./JG 1, Olt Heinrich Klöpper, Volkel Netherlands November 1943
BF 109 G6, 8./JG 1, Ofw. Friedrich Zander, Blue 22, Beauvais Tille France June 1944
BF 109 G6, Hptm Friedrich Eberle, III./JG 1, White 20, Mönchen Gladbach Germany March 1944
BF109G6 Erla, Stab III./JG1, Hptm. Friedrich Eberle, Chevron, Leeuwarden Netherlands October 1943
BF109 G6 AS, 8./JG1, Uffz Hugo Hausotter, Black 14, Vailly sur Aisne France August 1944
BF109 G6 AS, 9./JG1, Yellow 14, unknown pilot, Mönchen Gladbach Germany April 1944
BF 109 G6 AS, 9./JG 1, Yellow 4, unknown pilot, Rheine Germany December 1944
BF 109 G6, 8./JG 1, Black 8, Uffz Rudolf Einberger, Leeuwarden Netherlands July 1943
BF 109 G6 Erla, 7./JG 1, unknown pilot, White 3, Volkel Netherlands January 1944
BF 109 G6 AS, unknown pilot, White 1, III./JG 1, Wunsdorf Germany June 1944
BF 109 G6 AS, Green 13, Stab JG 1, Major Walter "Gulle" Oesau, Paderborn Germany May 1944 His first known victory, a Hawk-75 at Halsteren on 13 May, 1940, while serving in 1/JG-20. Nos. 2 & 3, both Spitfires NW of Dunkirk on 31 May, 1940. His 4th, a Blenheim 20 km N of Ostende on 1 June, 1940. His 5th, an Amiot 351 SW of Les Andelys on 13 June, 1940. Nos. 10 & 11, a Defiant S of Folkestone and a Hurricane S of Dover on 19 July, 1940. 8 victories in Spain.14 Bombers. On 12 July 1941, he shot down 7 Soviet AC in one minute. Nos.88-92, all Spitfires between Calais and Dungeness on 8/12/41. His 100th, a Spitfire on 26 October, 1941. Flew Bf 109E-3 "Wh 1" in 1/JG-20, 10/39. Flew nearly 300 missions of 430 total before being shot down in a Bf 109G-6/AS Werk # 20601 "Green 13" and KIA by a P-51 and/or a P-38 (most likely) on 11 May 1944, over the Eifel Mountains, southwest of St Vith, Ardennes. He was actually running a fever and bed- ridden on this date, but was infuriated by a Göring remark about his cowardice. The crashsite is at BEHO Lamerle', 5.5 miles SW of St Vith, in the community of Gouvy. His body was flung clear on impact. His body was layed to rest by the chapel of the "Chateau de la Concession. EL 2/6/41. 130 missions in Spain.
BF 109 G6 AS, pilot unknown, III./JG 1 Yellow 9, Paderborn Germany May 1944
BF 109 G6, 9./JG 1, Lt. E. Wintergerst, Leuwarden Netherlands 1943 KIA 4 September, 1943 during aerial combat with Spitfires, near Bergues, south of Dunkirk. He bailed, but was too low for his chute to open. Buried Bourdon France, Block 9/20/753 (Geensen). He scored the new III/JG-1 Gruppe's 1st victory on 11 June, 1943. His 21st victory while in JG-1, was a B-17 on 11 June, 1943. Scored 7 SB bomber victories on 12 August, 1941 while on a test flight! His Kdr., Anton Mader, in disbelief, flew off and found the wrecks and credited the lone pilot. Briefly captured by the Russians on 24 September, 1941 after colliding with wingman Lt Herwig Zuzic, he was parachuted into Romania, to spy for the Russians, however, he remained loyal to Germany, but would never be assigned to the East.
Shot down with wounds 12 February, 1942 in his F-2 over the Siwerskaja airfield, S.U.. On 16 May, 1942, no disposition of Biermann is given in this "K 135" incident which happened at the Siwerskaja airfield also. One known Soviet victory, a Yak-1 on 9 May, 1942. One known western victory, a Photo Recon Spitfire 20 km N of Emden on 7 September, 1942. On 17 April, 1943, while in 5/JG-11, flying the Fw 190A-4 & 5, he opposed B-17's, downing one-his 4th victory, over Wilhelmshaven/Emden, flying out of Jever. Another B-17 claimed on 19 May, 1943 on the Kiel raid. His 6th, a B-17 (HSS) at Schaal See on 25 July, 1943. His 7th, a P-47 38 km NW of Nordeney on 27 September, 1943. His 8th, a B-24 off Ile d' Oleron on 31 December, 1943. The Bf 109G-1 in JG-1 was Werk # 14047 "Black 8" in which Biermann made a force landing on 11 July, 1942, W of Emden due to engine trouble. Survived the war; a friend of Knoke.
BF 109 G6, Reichsdefense, 7./JG 1, White 23, unknown pilot, Mönchengladbach Germany February 1944
BF 109 G6 Erla, 7./JG 1, unknown pilot, White 5, Volkel Netherlands January 1944
BF 109 G6, Stab III./JG 1, Maj. Karl Heinz Leesmann, Leuwarden Netherlands summer 1943
BF 109 G6 Erla, unknown pilot, 8./JG 1, Black 14, Anklam Germany October 1944
BF 109 G10, unknown pilot, 8./JG 1, Black 1, Anklam Germany November 1944

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