Samstag, 4. Oktober 2014

BF 109 G6 Black 11 9./JG 53 Ofw. Heinz Girnth

BF 109 G6 9./JG 53 “PikAs”, Black 11, Ofw. Heinz Girnth, Bad Lippspringe- Germany, July 1944 One known victory, his 1st, a Spitfire 20 km W of Albano on 18 February, 1944. His 3rd, a P-51 on 4 August, 1944, no location given. His 4th, a P-47 on 5 August, 1944 in the Bad Essen area. His 11th, and last victory, a P-51 in the closing days of April, 1945.

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