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BF 109 E4 9./JG 2 Yellow 11 Lt. Dietrich Wickop

BF 109 E4, 9./JG 2 Yellow 11, Lt. Dietrich Wickop, Le Havre France October 1940 KIA 16 May 1943 in aerial combat with a P-47 piloted by Lt Charles R. Brown, 78FG (POW 5/16/43) over the North Sea in his A-5, crashing into the North Sea off Vlissingen Holland (DeSwart). Buried Ysselsteyn, BB/8/190. 3 B-17 bombers. His 2nd, a Spitfire on 29 January, 1943. His 3rd, a Spitfire 15 km east of Lowestoft on 1 February, 1943. His 4th, a B-17 10 km east of Den Helder on 4 February, 1943. Other known victories: a B-17 on 5 April, 1943 (unconfirmed); two Spitfires on 16 April, 1943, 6 km west of Vlissingen; a Spitfire on 28 April, 1943, 30 km west of Bergen am See, Norway; his 10th, a Spitfire flown by Norwegian Flt Lt. Marius Eriksen (POW) 2 km north of Wissekerke on 2 May, 1943 (he was wounded in this encounter and force landed near Vlissingen); a Ventura on 3 May, 1943, 7 km northwest of Amsterdam; and his 13th and last victim, a Spitfire on 4 May, 1943, 10 km southwest of Haamstede. His personal emblem, a white gull w/spread wings.

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